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 - Oscar Morgan, Chief Operating Officer, National Mental Health Association

How long have Behavioral Healthcare Consulting (BHC) and Leadership Dynamics Group existed?

→  We were founded in 1995 by Margaret McCraw, Ph.D., MBA, LCSW-C; BHC has been an authorized provider of continuous education credits (CEUs) for healthcare providers since 1997.

What is the Institute of Vibrational Synchronicity (IVS)?

→  The Institute of Vibrational Synchronicity (IVS) offers training and private coaching sessions focusing on helping individuals, professionals and businesses understand how to use Cognitive Behavioral Approaches and the Law of Attraction to create happiness and success. Our system, which we call, Vibrational Matching, is a holistic approach based on the principles of well-being and abundance.

We offer:

  • Life Coaching Certification Program
  • Certification in Business Coaching, Consulting and Training
  • Advanced Placement / Fast Track Certification Program for Coaches
  • Law of Attraction Workshops for the General Public
  • Law of Attraction Training for Organizational Leadership
  • Private Sessions with Law of Attraction expert and intuitive, Margaret McCraw, Ph.D., MBA, LCSW-C; founder of BHC & IVS and author of Tune Into Love

Are you accredited?

→  BHC and IVS are accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP, which is a national accrediting body for holistic educational programs in the US. The AADP was established in 1990. Behavioral Healthcare Consulting (BHC) and the Institute of Vibrational Synchronicity (IVS) has successfully met all criteria of the AADP.

What Certifications does BHC offer?

→  Our trainees are certified at one of three levels:

  • Life Coach
  • Master Life Coach
  • Master Life Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner

What is the difference in requirements for certification as a Life Coach, Master Life Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner?

→  In addition to attending the required Life Coach Lecture series and engaging in experiential learning activities, Master Life Coaches have participated in Practicums in which they can apply what they have learned to real life situations. Individuals certified as Master Life Coaches & Holistic Health Practitioners have participated in the Application sessions in which they have received additional clock hours of experiential learning.

How can I use my training after graduation?

→  Money Magazine called Life Coaching the "highest-paid home business." Professional Coaches are able to set their own hours, choose their own client load, and decide how much to charge for their time. This flexibility in all areas of business is one of the reasons Entrepreneur Magazine called this profession the “best home-based business to start.”

Can someone who lives in a rural area be successful in this profession?

→  Absolutely! Coaching is done over the telephone so this gives you the flexibility to work with clients who live anywhere in the US or out of the country. Many coaches conduct their entire business via telephone and the internet. Today's technologies truly make life and business coaching a career that can be managed easily.

I already have a business, but I'm interested in coaching. Is it possible to be a coach and continue with my current profession?

→  Yes, life and business coaches often use their training to expand an existing business.

Life coaching is a natural fit to other professions which may include:

  • Integrative Healthcare Professionals such as Physicians
  • Psychotherapists including social workers, psychologists, counselors, marriage and family specialists, etc.
  • Massage Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Energy Healing Practitioners (Reiki, etc.)
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Nutritionists
  • Service Oriented Professional

Many graduates integrate their training into their current careers including nursing, massage therapy, counseling, medicine, business and teaching. Others establish a full or part time professional practice as a Law of Attraction Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner. The training enriches your life and assists each individual to develop personally and professionally.

What are the primary benefits of becoming a Coach?

→  In addition to offering private coaching sessions you can create opportunities to provide workshops, and key note speaking.

Other benefits include:

  • Choose your own hours
  • Live in any city or state
  • Work from home
  • Create a target market in which you develop a specialty and combine it with coaching
  • Your current life/work experience is immediately applicable to this career
  • If you are older, you ARE wiser and that pays off in this career
  • Highly Respected
  • It's fun and rewarding helping others succeed

What is the Law of Attraction?

→  The Law of Attraction can be defined as: vibrations of similar frequencies that are magnetized to each other. In essence, one’s thought draws in other thoughts of a similar nature. Simply put, we attract what we give attention to, or what we focus on. If we focus our thoughts on our desires, we can attract them. However, if we focus on not having what we want, we will create obstructions that repel our desires. Beliefs are patterns of thought. We attract experiences that are in alignment with our beliefs. For example, if we desire to attract prosperity, but we believe we are unworthy, then scarcity rather than abundance will become our reality.

What is the Web Directory?

→  This is a listing of all graduates from BHC’s certification programs. Upon completion of one of our Certification Programs you will be listed in our Web Directory along with your credentials and a photograph. Anyone who visits BHC’s web site will be able to refer to this list to “find a coach”. In addition, Master Life Coaches and Holistic Health Practitioners will have a link from the Directory to a personalized Web Page on BHC’s web site.

Tell me more about the websites?

→  Master Life Coaches and Holistic Health Practitioners who graduate from our program will receive a web page on BHC’s web site for one year post graduation to support you in marketing your new career. You can completely personalize it as many times as you like - as easily as editing a Word document. After the first year post graduation, you will have the option to continue using this web page, which will keep you visible to BHC’s clients, target market and professional circle including readers of Margaret McCraw’s Law of Attraction books.Click here for a sample web page.

What are the requirements for enrollment in BHC/IVS Fast Track Coach Training Program?

→  Our fast track program is targeted to meet the needs of healthcare professionals such as counselors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, physicians, massage therapists, and human resource professionals with a background in psychology, etc. Other professionals are invited to apply for admission and we will review your credentials and experience to determine if this program would be appropriate for your background.

How can I prepare myself for the Certification Programs?

→  We encourage you to read Dr. Margaret McCraw's book Tune Into Love and pre-order her upcoming Law of Attraction Relationship Guidebook.Tune Into Love is a principal text for students and her upcoming relationship book will also be required reading when it becomes available.

Contact Margaret to ask about her motivational speaking and training!

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